Community guides us. Connection drives us.

At TogetherNow, we believe that realizing our community’s potential means changing the health, education and human service system itself through innovation and collaboration. We’re building a network of local organizations across all sectors and designing human-centered solutions to meet people where they are and improve lives.

By coming together as a community, we improve the health and economic well-being of individuals and families in the Finger Lakes region.

An interconnected system of education, health, and human services.

Systems Integration, a project of TogetherNow, puts people at the center of care. By connecting a diverse network of committed providers with community members, we establish an accessible network of education, health, and human services using our information-sharing platform, MyWayFinder.

How it Works

Creating a Future Shaped by Communities & Neighborhoods

People in our community are at the center of this project. At TogetherNow, we focus our efforts on human-centered design. We gather input from a diverse array of community members using various methods, involving them in decision-making and testing as we continue to develop solutions that serve them best. Because people are experts of their own lives and their own needs, their voices will always be the guiding force of this work.

Making Better Decisions by Using Community Data

A central focus at TogetherNow is to gather accurate information that helps us better understand the needs of our community. By establishing shared measurement models, our providers gain insight into how needs interconnect and which strategies are most effective. We believe decision-making should be based on high-quality, volunteered data from community participants and organizations, and not the flawed data and assumptions that so often harm our communities.

Coordinate Services for Better Outcomes

In determining the health of a community, factors such as stable housing, access to nutrition, opportunities for employment, and safety all play a role. At TogetherNow, we believe that providing holistic solutions from an interconnected system of organizations is the key to fulfilling these interconnected needs.

Stopping Poverty Before It Starts

By better understanding people’s needs through secure data and improving how providers coordinate with one another and with those they serve, our community can begin to address not just the outcomes of poverty, but its causes, as well. The goal of TogetherNow and its many projects is to see people move from crisis and uncertainty to long-term stability, breaking the cycles that trap so many individuals and families.

We believe data-driven, person-centered decision-making in the health, education and human services system is the key to poverty prevention and a safer, more equitable community for all. We believe real change can only happen together.