Info Session & Demos

Interested in a MyWayFinder demo? Want to learn more about TogetherNow and systems integration? Our dedicated staff holds comprehensive trainings to help individuals and organizations get involved in our mission

TogetherNow Info Session

Get an in-depth introduction to TogetherNow, MyWayfinder, and our strategies for improving the state of social care in this community. You’ll get answers to the core questions: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and HOW.

Next we’ll provide the information you need to decide whether joining the TogetherNow Network is right for your organization. Learn about the requirements for joining and the benefits of getting connected, along with a brief demonstration of our shared information platform, MyWayfinder.

MyWayfinder Demo

In this session, you’ll see the MyWayfinder system in action – from both the perspective of a Community Member using the system and a Service Provider as they support a Community Member accessing the services that they need. This is a deeper dive than the demonstration featured in the TogetherNow Info Session.

To learn more about getting involved in TogetherNow’s mission, contact us today.