What if a person looking for food assistance struggles to find transportation to the nearest food bank?

What if a person who wants job training is prevented because they lack childcare, and on top of that, the stress of being housing-insecure means they lack the time and energy to navigate the available resources?

There are countless stories of how a long and interconnected list of needs affect our health and well-being, and when the system for accessing resources is disconnected, many needs aren’t met.

MyWayfinder is an online platform for finding and accessing care to meet health-related social needs across education, health, and human services. Built to simplify the often-confusing process of managing services for both care providers and the individuals seeking help, MyWayfinder is about making a system that works for people and not the other way around.

For Providers

If your organization is listed in the 211/LIFE LINE database, you may receive request emails generated by MyWayfinder! This means your service was searched in the MyWayfinder directory and someone is looking to get connected.

Interested in joining the TogetherNow Network and being a connected provider in MyWayfinder? For organizations that believe in the power of innovation and connection, TogetherNow offers provider accounts, training, and ongoing support to implement the MyWayfinder platform in a way that fits how you already work. Click below for our interest form, and we’ll reach out with all the information you need!

HIPAA & FERPA Compliance

MyWayfinder is a cross-sector platform used by healthcare, human services, and education organizations that meets all current requirements related to HIPAA and FERPA.

We use administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect users’ data, including Protected Health Information under HIPAA and student education records under FERPA.

These safeguards include, among other things, encryption of data in transit and at rest; continuous monitoring; internal and external perimeter protections; access controls and multi-factor authentication; and data integrity controls. Our platform is built on best-in-class technology and regularly audited by our platform provider, IBM, based on IBM’s rigorous proprietary Security and Privacy by Design controls.

Protecting client data is a core function of MyWayfinder and a key focus of everything we do at TogetherNow.

We subject ourselves to regular assessments under HIPAA requirements. Our internal data protection program is aligned with the NIST Privacy and Cybersecurity frameworks, including for compliance with New York Education Law 2-d in relation to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. We will be working to achieve and maintain HITRUST certification in 2025.